Who is the creator of Artventure?

Kirsty Shadiac

Where do you live?

Australia. I'm an Adelaide (South Australia) girl at heart and this is where I live now, but I spent 6 years in Sydney.

Do you have any kids?

Yes, 2 primary school aged children.

How long have you been teaching kids art?

I started running my own kids art classes in Paddington (Sydney, Australia) in 2007. When I moved back to Adelaide I sold the Paddington business and started up new classes. I've run many Artist in Residence Programs in schools, which is how Artventure became a reality.

What do you do in your spare time?

Any spare time I can find (which is tricky being a mum!) I like to dedicate to creating lessons and building Artventure to help share my passion for art with all our students around the world. Before I became a mum I did lots of volunteer work, mainly with children, starting at St Patrick's Special School, and then with Camp Quality, Coogee Surf Lifesaving Club, and at the Sydney Children's Hospital. I also worked for the Starlight Children's Foundation as Captain 'Creative' Starlight at the Women's and Children's Hospital (and spent some time in Darwin and Perth).


How did you come up with Artventure?

I was doing Artist in Residence Programs in South Australian schools and, in one situation, I was asked to show 91 students (3 classes) how to draw something. It was going to by physically impossible to fit all of those kids around a table, so I filmed myself and then showed the kids the video. The students' results were amazing! This experience, in conjunction with the teachers telling me they all struggled when it came to teaching art, got me thinking ... The rest is history!

What's your favourite thing about Artventure?

I love that I can create an art lesson once and then kids all over the world can learn from it. The buzz I get from knowing that my lessons are teaching kids in 146 countries is huge. What a privilege to be doing what I love and making a difference in so many lives.

What's your most memorable moment?

Each and every time I get feedback from teachers or parents (and sometimes the kids themselves) telling me how Artventure has changed their lives, the fire in my heart gets another log of wood to keep it burning. Whether it's the email telling me Artventure is helping a daughter battling with depression, or the email saying a son with autism has found a way to express himself. Then there was the teacher telling me her whole class creates awesome individual pieces of art each time she runs an art class. I also get countless emails from parents telling me their child now has confidence in art where there was none before. My memorable moments come from you 🙂 Thank you.

Have you got tips on working with the kids?

I sure do! Pop over to the Blog to read the things I've got to say ...

My Art

Did you study art?

Art was my favourite subject right through school. After finishing my secondary education, I studied Visual Communication and Graphic Design. Later I spent 3 years working at ArtHouse Gallery in Sydney where I had the opportunity to work for, and with, some of Australia's most successful artists.

Have you ever had an exhibition?

Yes, several. My first was in 2009 at the Sydney Children's Hospital, opened by Ali Yeldham from ArtHouse Gallery. In 2010 I had another exhibition and won the 2010 SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival - Young Emerging Artist award. I continued to have further exhibitions in 2011, 2012 and 2014.

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