Your Questions Answered

Signing up

How long is the free trial?

48 hours. Pick a time when your kids are ready to give it a go!

Do I have to pay when I sign up for the free trial?

No. We want you to try Artventure without the worry of providing payment details. We're convinced you'll love it, so you can pay when you're ready.

How much does it cost?

$39 for 3 months, $59 for 6 months, $89 for 12 months. These are Australian dollars, please take into account the conversion rate for your country.

What's the difference in the licences?

Nothing! Home, Homeschool and Classroom licences are exactly the same. The reason we ask you to choose a category is so we can personalise emails to you depending on where you might be using Artventure.

Can I buy for a voucher for a friend?

Yes! You can purchase a gift for a friend or family member here. By purchasing a licence in this way, it won't 'start' until the recipient uses the code you gift to them (so you can buy as early as you like without wasting any of the licence time).

My Account

Can I login on multiple devices?

Yes. The system allows ONLY 3 logins per licence and it will automatically keep you logged in unless you intentionally logout. So if you’re using different devices (say, an iPad and then a computer or a laptop), the system will remember these and if you reach 4 logins, it will block you out. This also includes new tabs … so if you open a new tab and login a second time, this also counts. The best thing to do is logout each time if you’re using different devices.

Can my whole class login on their own devices?

Yes. We have a 'classroom system' for this purpose. Please contact us to ask about costs involved with the extra logins.

I'm locked out! What do I do?

If you have tried to login on more than 3 devices (see above) or if you've entered your password incorrectly too many times, the system will lock you out. You will have to wait 30 minutes before trying to login again.

How can I cancel my account?

Simply login and go to "My Account". There you'll find options to cancel your recurring payments, which will cancel your account when it expires. You can cancel at any time without losing your paid period.

The lessons

How can I get the most out of using Artventure?

In 7 simple steps! Click here to watch the video on using Artventure in the most effective way.

What ages are the lessons aimed at?

Primary school kids. We know lots of 3 year olds having fun with Artventure right up to grandparents. So, technically, Artventure is for all ages! But the curriculum links we provide are aimed at 5 to 12 year olds.

Do you have lessons for older kids/teens?

We sure do! Our sister site is for teens (and adults!), go and check out the free trial.

How long are the lessons?

On average, 8-12 minutes each. Short enough to keep the kids' attention; long enough to show you each step and how to achieve what's needed.

How hard or easy are the lessons?

Each lesson is rated from 1 (easy) to 5 (difficult) so the kids can pick and choose what they feel like doing. Sometimes they might feel like doing something easy (no matter how old they are) and other times they might want a challenge.

What's covered in each lesson?

Each video comes complete with a lesson page. On the lesson page you'll see the artwork image, links to primary curriculum, learning notes for the kids to answer/think about and artwork tips before you start. In the video, Kirsty jumps right in and shows you how to create the artwork.

Are there new lessons?

Yep! Each week there's a brand new lesson and you can request an artwork if you think there's something missing in the Artventure library.

Can I download the lessons for offline viewing?

No. To keep Artventure fresh and up-to-date, we want to make sure you have full access to all of the lessons, all of the time. The best way to ensure this, is make sure your internet is sufficient.

What materials do we need?

We believe that any art supplies will do because it's all about the drawing skills. So if you have a pen and paper, that's just fine! But if you'd like to go into further details, the materials used most are: paper, oil pastels (non water soluble), watercolour paint (powder based discs) and a paintbrush. Extra materials you might like are: charcoal, pencils, pens, textas/markers (permanent and water based) and acrylic paint.

Can we buy the materials from you?

Not yet. We hope to have an online shop in the near future, but for now you can try your local art shop or stationery shop.

Do you do craft lessons?

Not really. Some of our artworks use cutting, sticking etc but we believe that being able to draw is the base of all things arty. Drawing is our specialty so we like to stick to what we do best!


Can you tell me more about how Artventure works?

Artventure is a library of video lessons for kids to learn to draw and paint. First you watch the video. Then the second time 'round you use the pause points and follow along step-by-step. Kids create awesome artworks all by themselves and build new drawing skills.

What makes Artventure so special?

Kirsty doesn't fluff around; she gets straight to the point. Her decade of working with kids has taught her the importance of explaining things in language that is understood by kids. Kids create their artworks and get instant satisfaction, positive attention, and learn drawing skills for life. Artventure provides the building blocks for kids to become their own little artists.

Does copying an artwork take away the creativity?

No. Just like we teach our kids to read and write so they can write their own stories, Artventure teaches our kids to draw and paint so they have the skills to create more than ever before.  Everyone who uses Artventure builds their skills and confidence in art which means they're more likely to create their own artwork.

Who's Kirsty?

Come and read more about her by clicking here!

Have you got tips on working with the kids?

Definitely! Pop over to the Blog to read the things Kirsty has to say ...

Are you ready to TRY Artventure?

Or if you have further questions, contact us.