Artventure gives your children the gift of art

If you're looking for online art classes for children, well done for recognising the importance of developing children’s confidence in art!

We hear from so many parents and even teachers who say “I can't even draw a stick figure” – and inevitably it's because they weren’t ever correctly taught to draw as a child.  Artventure aims to address this knowledge drain by giving the next generation of children the lifelong skill of artistic ability through the affordable and proven teaching methods of Artventure founder, Kirsty Shadiac.

When Artventure teaches children to draw, they are building the foundations of their creativity and developing skills that will benefit them throughout their life. They'll be able to draw just about anything and studies show that engaging children in art can improve all areas of their learning!

Boost your child's confidence

Artventure will teach your kids to draw and paint ... but it's not just drawing and painting that you'll notice. You'll see your child's confidence boosted through continued success and they'll be motivated to create more and more!

Watch them grow!

Research shows that children who engage in art regularly are more likely to be successful in other areas of learning like Maths, English and Science ... Bonus! Keep an eye out for progress in all areas!

Use technology in a positive way

Whether you're using an iPad or tablet, smart TV, or the family computer ... Artventure is a brilliant use of 'screen time'. Kids feel satisfied because they're using technology and parents are happy because the kids are actually creating something tangible while learning lifelong skills.

Easy and affordable

Artventure comes in a choice of 3, 6 or 12 month licences. You will have full access to the ever growing library of art lessons and the materials you need won't break the budget either. Just set up and go!

Hundreds to choose & 1 NEW every week

Your host and award-winning artist, Kirsty Shadiac, releases at least 1 new lesson a week. Each lesson is rated from 1 (easy) to 5 (difficult) so you can either search by keyword, difficulty, subject or year level. If you're looking for something in particular but can't find it, you can put in a request!

No fancy materials - Don't blow your budget!

What's the point in having fancy (and expensive) art materials if you never know what to do with them? Artventure believes that drawing is the basis of all art and, therefore, the materials you use don't need to be fancy ... the kids could pick up their pencils and create an artwork at the bottom of your shopping list!

Full Access Free Trial, then subscribe for:

3 months $39 AU

6 months $59 AU

12 months $89 AU

  • Emma
    My son isn't that big on art, but he loves setting up the iPad with Artventure and picking his own lesson to do. He has done some fantastic artworks and I know that he has surprised himself with what he has been able to do to.
    (NSW, Australia)
  • Maxine
    For non-arty kids this is perfect. They produce an artwork and can feel they’ve accomplished something. Also for the drawing challenged mother they are great....I can feel accomplished too!! Thanks for such a brilliant tool.
  • Kristen
    I have lost count of the number of beautiful paintings the girls have produced over the years. We are very happy customers.
    (Texas USA)
  • Alex
    Love the fact that I (as mother) have been able to sit with the kids and reproduce a recognisable artwork for the first time in my life!
  • Eloise
    We LOVE Artventure! Kids ask to do something new every free moment they get! Love, love, love it!!!
    (South Africa)
  • Sarah
    My autistic son loves doing art now as he can pause and follow the steps. Thank you!
    (SA, Australia)