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Introducing Kids Ask! #1 Imogen and Eddie with Kirsty Shadiac


You're never too young to ask and talk about art.

Welcome to the very first episode of Artventure's "Kids Ask"!

When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was be an artist. I remember wanting to surround myself with artists and ask them questions and learn from them. But we didn't know any artists and I was just a kid, how was I going to find any REAL artists!? Artventure is here to help all of those kids who were just like me: wanting to know about art but not knowing how and where to look.

Kids Ask is a series of Artventure videos where I find professional artists with a child, who then asks them questions about their art. It's all about believing that you're never too young to ask and talk about art.

There will be multiple episodes during 2018 and you will get to meet some wonderful artists and their curious kids. Each episode you will see chats between the artist and their child, with 1 piece of that artist's work as the subject for discussion. In some episodes there there will be a lesson taught by the artist and other times it'll simply be a chat with no lesson. Most of these episodes will be public, meaning that anyone can view them but some will be private at the artist's request so you'll just need to login to view it.

One of the magic things that I've discovered on this journey is a the connection between the artist and child while talking about the art. It became apparent that the children (mine included!) don't often have the opportunity to sit and ask questions about their parent's artworks. Once we started filming I could see the connection between the parent as an artist (not just a parent) and the child discovering new things about their parent.

In this, the first episode, you will meet my 2 children: Imogen and Eddie. We will talk about a portrait I painted of them. Please comment and respond to these episodes as they are released (comment on this blog post) because I will look at expanding this project into the future. I'm so excited for your kids to get to know some REAL artists and my inner child is jumping for joy.

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Happy drawing, painting, creating.




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