Art for Teachers in Classrooms

Based on The National Schools Curriculum

As a teacher, you know how hard it is to be an expert in everything: English, Science, Maths ... the list goes on! Artventure is here to make teaching art in your classroom the easiest subject every week. Each Artventure lesson is linked to the Australian National Curriculum, so no matter what you're teaching in class, there will always be an artwork to match and decorate your classroom with!

Freeing up your valuable time.

Artventure is a lesson served on a silver platter. All you have to do is set up the art materials and choose the lesson that fits with what you're teaching in class. Let award winning artist, Kirsty Shadiac, lead your whole class through the art lesson, giving you time to focus on those students who need you most.

Watch them grow!

When your students figure out that EVERYONE can draw, they'll start drawing even without Artventure to guide them! Studies show that art has positive impacts on all areas of children's learning, so get them drawing and you might see improvements in their Maths, English, Science and History too!

Use technology in a positive way

Whether you're using an interactive whiteboard, iPads or tablets on the students' desks, or the classroom computer ... Artventure is a brilliant use of 'screen time'. Kids feel satisfied because they're using technology and teachers (and families) are happy because the kids are actually creating something tangible while learning lifelong skills.

Easy and affordable

Artventure comes in a choice of 3, 6 or 12 month licences. You will have full access to the ever growing library of art lessons and the materials you need won't break the budget either. Just set up and go!

Hundreds to choose & 1 NEW every week

Your host and award-winning artist, Kirsty Shadiac, releases at least 1 new lesson a week. Each lesson is rated from 1 (easy) to 5 (difficult) so you can either search by keyword, difficulty, subject or year level. If you're looking for something in particular but can't find it, you can put in a request!

No fancy materials - Don't blow your budget!

What's the point in having fancy (and expensive) art materials if you never know what to do with them? Artventure believes that drawing is the basis of all art and, therefore, the materials you use don't need to be fancy. The kids could pick up their pencils and create an artwork at the bottom of their writing books!

Full Access Free Trial, then subscribe for:

3 months $39 AU

6 months $59 AU

12 months $89 AU

  • Kate
    I am currently in a special needs school and use Artventure to get fantastic art work that parents are amazed by.
    (Qld, Australia)
  • Julie
    I think your theory of walking them through is spot on. I am a teacher and we model how to count, how to write, how to read ... but why don't we model how to make art? I'm SO glad I found your site!
    (Texas, USA)
  • Eloise
    We LOVE Artventure! Kids ask to do something new every free moment they get! Love, love, love it!!!
    (South Africa)